SD Commander v5.0

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SD Commander v5.0

This is file commander for the Commodore 64 computer.

It is compatible with:

  • Standard 1541 floppy disk drive (Normal KERNAL ROM routines)
  • SD2IEC, SD-card drive (integrated SD2IEC fastloader routines, directory support)

The SD2IEC fastloader can load data in the range $0800 - $FFFF (including RAM in $Dxxx area).


H Help window
Q Quit to BASIC text screen
A Address On (Program load/start address)
SHIFT-A Address Off (Program load/start address)
C Character set change
D Drive number increment
SHIFT-D Drive number decrement
L Fastloader On
SHIFT-L Fastloader Off (Normal KERNAL ROM routines)
R Screen refresh
RETURN Load program into memory & start (Basic RUN)
Go to directory
SHIFT-RETURN Load program into memory
Up Cursor Up
Down Cursor Down
Left Page Up
Right Page Down
F3 go to Parent directory
F4 go to Root directory
F5 Page Up
F7 Page Down


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